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SHF Solutions


Welcome to SHF Solutions AppointHub!

Experience the power of a streamlined bookings system tailored to your business. Our platform is designed for any and all businesses who offer appointments, booking or reservations.

AppointHub gives your business efficient scheduling, bespoke customization and enhances your customers experience.



Customisable Branding

By having your own branding across your booking system, you elevate your brands credibilty and reputation.

This can be paired with your own custom subdomain to further increase your customers experience

Automated Reminders

Automated reminders via email or text ensure your customers never miss a booking. Follow up reminders can also prompt your customers to give your business reviews, helping increase your brands reputation and making further business more likely.

Administrator Dashboard

A custom administrator dashboard lets you see and manage your bookings. You can set your default booking duration, availability, as well as much more.

Payment Gateway

An integrated payment gateway allows you to take payments from customers at the time of their booking, you can also let customers pay later if preferred